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1. Personal Accidental Policy

Each admitted students in any course and his / her earning parent are insured against Personal Accidental Policy for a sum of Rs. 5,00,000/- for tenure of their studentship.

2. Mediclaim

Each admitted student is given health insurance (Mediclaim) of Rs. 50,000/- per year throughout their tenure of their study. The facility can be availed if a student is hospitalized for a minimum period of 48 hrs in any registered hospital or nursing home.

3. Post Metric Scholarship

The eligible students under the category of SC / ST / Minority / OBC as per the Govt. guideline can apply and get scholarship up to Rs. 35,000/- per year.

4. AICTE – Pragati scholarship

Meritorious Girl students who are eligible as per rule, shall apply to get scholarship.

5. Merit Scholarship offered by DTE & T, Odisha

Meritorious students shortlisted by SCTE & VT, Odisha as per their Semester Result in each Semester are eligible to get Rs. 6,000/- one time Merit Scholarship in a Semester.

6. Financial Assistance from DTE & T Welfare Fund

In case of death of an earning parent of a student after admission, DTE & T, Odisha provides financial assistance towards Course Fee and Lodging / Boarding / Transportation for his / her remaining period of study.


Sl. No. Batch Branch Roll No. Name of the Beneficiary Loss of Life Claim Amount Paid
1 2005 ETC Engg. 05255 Jyotish Ranjan Mohapatra (S) Basanta Mohapatra (F) Rs. 2,00,000
2 2005 Civil Engg. 05065 Partha Sarathi Samal (S) Narendra Ku. Samal (F) Rs. 2,00,000
3 2006 ETC Engg. 06205 Anil Kumar Senapati (S) Santosh Kumar Senapati (F) Rs. 5,18,000
4 2006 Mech. Engg. 06294 Kalakara Patra (F) Santosh Ku. Patra (S) Rs. 5,00,000
5 2006 Elect. Engg. 06046 Bikash Kumar Bhoi (S) Prahallada Bhoi (F) Rs. 5,00,000
6 2009 Mech. Engg. 102104L11 Jadumani Mahanta (F) Jagadish Ch. Mahanta (S) Rs. 5,00,000
7 2011 Mech. Engg. 122104L30 Antrayami Rout (S) Ratnakara Rout (F) Rs. 5,00,000
8 2012 Comp. Sc. & Engg. 1207001 Dillip Kumar Pati (F) Debasis Pati (S) Rs. 5,00,000
9 2015 Civil Engg. 1501028 Biswajit Rout (S) Santosh Kumar Rout (F) Rs. 5,00,000
10 2016 Mech. Engg. 1604099 Tarun Pattnaik (S) Sunil Ku. Pattnaik (F) Rs. 5,00,000
11 2018 Elect. Engg. 1802061 Sunil Kumar Sharma (F) Trilokynath Sharma (S) Rs. 5,00,000