Commitment Is Our Legacy

Campus To Corporate Book Inaguration

Lecture by Our Top Alumina of Tata Steel Mr. Rajesh Mitra

Lecture By Chitralekha Sahu of Jindal Steel Our Alumnae

A Competent mind is good in any assignment

Experimenter is important

Interpersonal Skill in builds team spirit and leadership qualities




About Nilachal Polytechnic


From understanding the impacts of globalization to grasping life through prism of a molecule, Nilachal Polytechnic challenges students to think analytically and develop professional skills. One of the oldest and top ranking polytechnic of Odisha, Nilachal Polytechnic is distinguished by a singular intensive core curriculum and provide all the benefit of a small institute and all the richness of a great educational Institution. The students have close contact with path-breaking faculties, a compressive mentoring system where individual students could be able to interact with proctors both inside and outside the class room. Students also get great inspirations from outstanding alumni of the Institution and consistent placement track record of the Institution, all while being surrounded by serene environment in the foothills of Sikharchandi Temple in India’s most exciting temple city, Bhubaneswar of Odisha

What You Know ?

Nilachal Polytechnic, nestling near the foothills of Sikhar Chandi Temple offers an excellent infrastructure and the best learning ambience in the Temple city. The disciplined and pleasant environment of the campus motivates young aspirant to develop their innovative ideas.The campus is technically focused and is following a structured system academic management.

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Why Diploma Engineering

  • Employability
  • Job satisfaction
  • Career growth
  • Low investment technical education
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